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For additional support, Please contact: support@ejudged.com.


  • Can an entry be registered before and on the day of the event?
    Yes, using the Add New Registration from the main menu, allows a new entry to be added.
  • Once a entry has been assigned a class, will the entry automatically appear in the proper class within the system?
    Correct. Entries can also be edited or moved to a different class if needed.
  • Is there a user guide that includes the Event Manager roles and responsibilities?
    Yes the How-to-Guide shows the different features and roles.
  • When will the Final Report would be available. I assume that once we contact eJudged on the day of the event, the Final Report will be immediately emailed?
    We will plan accordingly based on the award times filled out on the checklist. Please try to allow us a reasonable amount of time to prepare it before sending it quickly back to you.
  • We would like the ability to send pre-registration information 7 days prior to the show?
    We accept a data import from a CVS file or excel format up to 4 hours before judging begins. If you have an excel sheet or CSV file with your pre-registration data, you would send that to the eJudged Administrator in order for it to be imported into the app. Excel Template.
  • Is there a regular web interface or is everything done through the app?
    Currently, there is no web interface for Event Managers, it is all done within the app or via requests to the eJudged Administrator
  • Can we upload and manipulate our own data?
    Once the entries are in the App, you can edit the entry. New entries can be added from the main menu, under Add New Registration.
  • Is the license a yearly SAAS or perpetual?
    We use a SaaS model, you pay per event, with a la carte options. (We do offer series discounts)
  • The judging logins, are those concurrent or named? Can we use dummy accounts instead of individuals (we don’t know who our judges will be until we start the event)?
    You can use generic accounts like EventJudge1, EventJudge2, etc…  They are not concurrent, multiple judges can login as the same judge. (This would effect the audit capabilities though)
  • Can we export all of it back out? Who owns it?
    Once the show is over or judging is complete, we would be notified by the event manager, then an export would be produced and sent back to the event manager.  We will not solicit or use the personal entry data in any way, other than to produce high level analytics for marketing purposes. (Overall total of Makes, Models, etc)