VagFair 2015

York, PA - VagFair is easily one of our favorite events of the summer. We've known Cory Sterling, the man behind the mayhem, for a really long time. He's worked his tail off to make this show a huge success. This year Volkswagen of America came out to show support - so you know he's doing something right. We were able to park the bus - aka our Ford Transit Connect Mobile Command Center - in the JunkStyles x Lowlifestyle mega booth, right on the midway. It was the perfect location for us to blast some WiFi across the showfield for the judges.

DSC_7616 DSC_7613

Carlisle All Truck Nationals

Carlisle, PA - Year number two operating the judging sessions for Carlisle's Truck Nationals, and we've got no complaints. We love working with the crew at Carlisle Events several times a year. This event also gives us a unique opportunity to join forces with the Low Jambs Drop Shop crew. This year we had a huge tent booth display right on the showfield, where we had our Ford Transit Connect Battle Wagon on display along with some bad ass trucks. Low Jambs doesn't just bring cool trucks for display though, they help out with the judging and spreading truck knowledge to us throughout the weekend. It's pretty cool to be a part of a community where we can reach out to guys like this to operate a fun event.


As always, the fairgrounds was packed from end to end with all things truck related - ranging from laid out mini trucks all the way up to customized big rigs. For eJudged, it's also pretty cool that this is one of the few events we attend during the year where we can see some wild van builds. We had a great time working with the Carlisle staff, the Low Jambs cast of characters, and with some of the competitors that we are now getting a chance to know from year to year. Looking forward to seeing what next year has in store!

DSC_7609 Maybe next year, we'll get in on the slip and slide action!

Tuner Evolution Philly

Oaks, PA - We've known the guys behind the Tuner Evolution events for years - since they got started to be specific. In recent years, the Tuner Evolution shows have filled a void that has been missing in the car scene. That's why we make such a great combo, because the emergence of our app has also begun to help fill that void. With so many car meets happening and internet/social media fame becoming such a high priority, our scene had started to lose that sense of friendly competition. It seems that Instagram likes have replaced actual feedback and the stance movement has replaced actual real builds. But Jay Martinez and the rest of the Tuner Evolution crew work around the clock, year round to promote that real deal old school automotive lifestyle... and congrats to them on throwing yet another great event this past weekend in the suburbs of Philly.


We were pretty stoked to be given such a great placement for our Mobile Command Center activation, as we were able to post up right next to the stage. This allowed us to spread our WiFi coverage throughout all three halls of the venue - and it's ensured that we'd have a few people swing by the booth to hang out during the bikini contest at the end of the night.

Clean Culture x AutoFest Stadium Show

Pomona, NY - We were pretty stoked when we were invited to come out to the Stadium Show that the guys at Clean Culture and AutoFest events were putting together. Their motto is that they throw bangers. And it is safe to say that this event was, indeed, a banger. The morning started off just as many other events have started off this year - with a torrential downpour - followed by insanely hot temperatures. But that didn't hinder anyone's day, as the parking lots surrounding the ballpark were quickly filled to capacity. We were there to represent our brand, help out with a small amount of awards for VIP vehicles, and to hang out with our good friends Aaron Vaccar and his dad Carl. The Vaccars, of course, operate the Auto Life Tour - and we were more than happy to post up in front of the big rig in their booth for the day.


Carlisle P&S 2015

Carlisle, PA - Each and every year we anticipate the spring for the arrival of the Performance & Style Show at the Carlisle Events Fairgrounds. Except this year they moved the event to mid-July so they could benefit from better weather, so we'd have to wait a little longer. Carlisle P&S is the flagship event for our brand, as we started out close to ten years ago judging the outdoor show field for the Carlisle staff. Since then we've learned a lot - and it was that experience that actually got us thinking that an app could really streamline the process. Fast forward back to July 18, 2015, and we arrive to the Carlisle Fairgrounds ironically to thunder, lightning, and torrential downpours. But not to worry as the weather made a quick recovery and before we knew it we were "enjoying" 100 degree heat! But the show must go on... and go on it did as nearly 600 cars made their way thru the "powered by eJudged" judging lanes. We had our Ford Transit Connect Wagon posted up near the main tent, under the Low Jambs Pavilion, supplying WiFi connection and serving as the backdrop to our activation. We also had our usual Carlisle cast of characters in attendance, a group of eJudged certified expert judges that we've been working with since the old car club days together.


Outdoor drive thru judging is not the only competition powered by eJudged at the event. The Top Flight competition is a series of elite awards that the Invitational "Indoor" display vehicles are eligible for. This year Carlisle added cash payouts for the big winners and ten Awards of Excellence, so it allowed the panel of five industry professionals to recognize more builders for their outstanding efforts. The panel of pros deliberated over their choices in a closed session to determine who would receive the top honors of the event. This is an aspect of the show that has been growing and evolving into quite a cool contest... and we're proud to be able to have our brand be a part of it.



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