Euro Hangar

Holland, MI - We've been looking forward to the weekend of Euro Hangar ever since we added it to the schedule. We always like unique events with cool venues and a trip to Michigan would mean that we'd get to see some cool builds that we hadn't seen before elsewhere. As a bonus our Ford Transit Connect Mobile Command Center would get a chance to rip around on its home streets of Michigan. We arrived into town Friday evening to the pre-meet downtown, where we were handed five Golden Tickets from Dustin and the rest of the staff. The Golden Tickets meant that we had the honor of choosing the five featured cars that would be on display, front and center at the show on Saturday. Our top five pics represented the best of the variety within the crowd.


Carlisle GM Nationals

Carlisle, PA – Carlisle Events is one of the mainstays of eJudged. The fairgrounds are local to us and we’ve been attending, participating, and helping with their events for years. Even before we established the eJudged technology. This past weekend was their GM Nationals event, and for the second year in a row we were asked to manage an elite portion of the show known as the Standard of Excellence competition. Only the serious competitors are included for this competition, which awards the Top 15 vehicles overall – including a variety of modern and classic muscle, as well as vintage cars that have either been restored or preserved. The Standard of Excellence competition recognizes the best of the best of all varieties on the GM showfield, and we were honored to have been asked to be a part of it. Torrential downpours throughout most of Saturday did hinder the competition a bit, but our staff was quick on their feet, as we transformed our giant 40 x 40 booth into a drive thru judging tent to keep the competitors and their vehicles safe and dry during the contest. Overall the weekend was a great success for both Carlisle Events and eJudged. We can’t wait for better weather and growth within this competition in years to come!


OC Car Show

Ocean City, MD - Stop #2 on the Live-Wire-Media event schedule was an event that we have been attending for well over 10 years now, the OC Car Show. So far it's been a wild and fun ride working with B-Rad and the LiveWire crew. We love to see the variety that turns up for their events. Earlier this spring we traveled to Virginia for their first 2015 event, which was mainly hot rods and classic builds. The OC Car Show, however, was heavy in the import and exotic scenes -  but there were still some impressive hot rods and classics in competition as well. The show was more than a variety of vehicles, there were several halls within the convention center with cars and insane mini trucks on display and entertainment on stages - and there was also an outdoor meet/show and shine going on all weekend. The Air Show was also happening over the boardwalk just a few blocks away so there was plenty to see and experience. We were lucky enough to have our eJudged branding flags flying above the main stage all weekend inside - while our Ford Transit Connect Mobile Command Center was on display outside blasting a WiFi signal across the showfield.


As an added bonus, we got the chance to be reunited with our close friends and fellow SEMA project builders, Aaron and his dad Carl Vaccar. The Vaccars host a nationwide extravaganza known as the Auto Life Tour. Their giant rig was posted up front and center outside, and they were generous enough to let us be a part of their booth - along with their Blood & Grease Clothing Ford Transit Connect. Two Transits that were picked up on the same day from Ford Headquarters and built over a few short weeks for the same SEMA show... back together again drawing attention from the spectators and enthusiasts at the show.


Hempfield Cops & Rodders

Landisville, PA – Earlier this spring we were contacted by Jason who puts on the annual Cops & Rodders car show in Lancaster County. He had learned about us from a good friend from our earlier “OG” car community days… Thanks Sajy! In its 5th year, Jason wanted to step things up and set the standard for other local events. So naturally he wanted to get his event on board with our eJudged iOS app. The Cops & Rodders event benefits the Power Packs Project, an organization that provides long-term solutions to end childhood hunger. Since the event was only a short drive for us, Jason invited us to come hang out for the day -and we decided to show our support in person, which gave the judges an opportunity to take advantage of our Ford Transit Connect Mobile Command Center and HotSpot on wheels. We’ve gotta say we’re glad we took the time to come and be a part of the fun! A couple hundred cool cars turned up, despite a little rain in the morning, the food was good, and the company was good as well – as there were plenty of area Police officers in attendance with their cars on display as well. Neat concept for a show, and we can’t wait to return again next year!


The Panda Junction

Aberdeen, MD - This past Sunday we took a nice little Sunday cruise down to Cal Ripken's Stadium, where Tuner Evolution and Los Goonies hosted The Panda Junction. We attended last year's meet, and we were overwhelmed with the growth of this event in just it's 2nd year of existence. There were a lot of cars in attendance. And to be honest, there were a lot of outstanding cars in attendance. We were thankful that Jay had asked us to bring our Transit Connect Mobile Command Center down for the event, and it gave us another opportunity to toss together a little voting competition.


At the end of the day, it was Quan Smalls that was the top vote getter and took home bragging rights of the "Interstate Sensation" competition. But much like the week prior at Fresh Meet, we really enjoy seeing dedicated enthusiasts be rewarded by their peers. Congrats to Quan and his crew for getting out there week after week.



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