VagFair - 10th Anniversary

York, PA – It’s great to see good people who work hard and provide a positive example for the car community achieve lasting success. We can’t say enough about Cory Sterling and his VagFair car show. We’ve known him for nearly 20 years as one of the true pioneers in the VW scene. It’s hard to believe that 10 years has passed since the first VagFair was put on in a little tiny corner of the York Fair grounds. Fast forward to 2016 and The VagFair has been one of the biggest and most laid back events in the scene. While some VW/Audi events have become super corporate, and others have become super elitist – being vocal that they do not want to include the general car community into their event… Cory has embraced the change and growth in the scene. He continues to provide a great weekend for Euro enthusiasts to interact, hang out, buy cool gear from some of the top brands in the industry… and the event is welcome to the non-euro crowd as well, as long as they don’t cause trouble on-site or throughout the town doing typical scene boy things. The show completely engulfs the fairgrounds race track, but the highlight each year are the Madness on the Midway builds. On the Midway, attention-to-detail, insane engine swaps, shaved bays, rare parts, and pure custom fabrication are on display. This year’s winner was no surprise to us – as we picked out Steve’s Corrado – built locally by Legacy Innovations – as the odds on favorite to win this competition all the way back at SEMA 2015. The Wishard bros brought home 2nd and 3rd as well – which was not a huge surprise to us either. We had both of their cars in our eJudged display at the PA Auto Show last year in an effort to showcase some of the top builds in our region. While it took us some time a few years back to convince Cory to make the leap of faith to paperless judging, we’re in full swing now throughout the day and we’re happy to be able to relieve some of the stress that he has on his shoulders throughout the event. And as a nice bonus, we were able to  have our Transit Connect Wagon on display in the JunkStyles x Lowlifestyle booth along with some of our great friends in the scene. We hope to make it up to his Vacationland VagFair event in Maine soon as well. In the meantime, cheers to another job well done and we are glad to see the community embrace this event year after year as one of their all-time favorites.


Carlisle Truck Nationals

Carlisle, PA – We spend a lot of time each spring and summer on the nearby Carlisle Fairgrounds. They do a ton of cool events for car enthusiasts and we’ve been helping them out with the judging process of a few of those events for years – for some even before we developed our digital judging app. So we enjoy watching each event progress, adapt, and grow from year to year. This past weekend was our third consecutive year operating the showfield judging for their Truck Nationals event. We had our Ford Transit Connect Wagon and a large tent for the crew set-up right on the Midway & Show Field for the festivities – posted up right next to our partners at Ford and Magnaflow. As has been the case for a lot of Carlisle’s events recently, the weather forecast called for rain. But there were literally only a few drops late in the morning as the clouds broke and we instead endured 90+ degree heat all day long as our contracted eJudged certified experts combed thru the competition row by row, class by class. It’s a rough job – especially when the competition is tight – but we enjoy getting a chance to see the time, effort, and craftsmanship that are put into these builds. Over the past few years, the trends have progressively changed more and more to the bigger, current model full size trucks – away from the mini-truck scene that we used to see take over the fairgrounds. But we are suckers for a full size dually slammed on gigantic wheels and tires, so we aren’t complaining. We like it all. With that being said, the fairgrounds was covered with thousands of trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, vans, and even big rigs all weekend long – while the judged competition featured nearly 400 vehicles. Another fine event put on by the Carlisle Events crew. We are grateful that they continue to ask our crew and our eJudged app to be a huge part of their summer series of events.


Tuner Evolution Philly - 10th Anniversary

Oaks, PA – This past weekend we rolled out to one of the most anticipated events of each and every summer – Tuner Evolution Philly. These days the Tuner Evolution crew has grown in size, strength, and popularity. What started out 10 years ago as a parking lot car show is now taking over convention centers and ballparks for Tuner Evolution shows and Panda Junction meets in Philly, Charlotte, Baltimore, and Daytona… and word on the streets is that there are a couple other big markets in their sights in upcoming years. For us though, we enjoy the Philly event the most. Because we can bring out our Ford Transit Wagon Battle Wagon and witness one of the few events where the competition aspect still brings out some of the scene’s heavy hitters. This show is now the “go to” event for some of the builders that used to really take the car show game very seriously. And for the younger scene kids that come out to the show – well there’s a fair share of camber, car show models, loud electronic music, and hip hop performances to keep your attention all evening as well.


We had the opportunity to set up stage left, right next to our friends at Performance Bodega & Ferrer Motorsports, and up close and personal with all the action. Just a few feet away was the Legends Display which showcased some of memorable builders from the past decade. It was cool to see some of those cars on the showfloor again. This new era of car builders should take some notes on the attention-to-detail and craftsmanship that went into some of these timeless award winning builds. We had a legend of our own sharing booth space with us as we had the RMiller Autobody S4 powered VW Corrado as a special guest judge in our booth. Still one-of-one after all these years. We also got to spend a good bit of the day hanging with the crew from The Circuit Podcast and our friends at DieCut Culture. The Circuit Podcast guys always make us laugh and they bring a cool new element to this car scene. Give them a listen on SoundCloud or iTunes. Tuner Evolution overall this year, was all about celebrating 10 years in the industry, and we’ve got to congratulate Jay Martinez, Manny Olivo, and the whole TE crew for reaching that milestone. Cheers to another 10 years in the game!



Euro Hangar 5

Holland, MI – We always look forward to our annual road trip to the shores of Lake Michigan for Euro Hangar. It’s quite a long journey for us, but the town is so chill, the event is so good, and the guys behind the event are great to work with. Euro Hangar always offers a huge turnout of well built VWs and Audi’s – but unlike most similar shows they embrace all things euro – so there is also a strong representation of BMW, Benz, Mini, etc. This year there was even a point where Ferrari after Ferrari came cruising onto the show field. As you may have guessed from the event’s name, it takes place at a local airport. People can go for a ride in a vintage airplane throughout the day. And we get the honor of being able to select the 5 featured “hangar cars”. This takes place on Friday night at the Pre-Show GTG in downtown Holland. The Euro Hangar guys hand us 5 golden tickets and we get to wander around the show and scout for the best cars in attendance that night. We also like to make sure we get a good variety of builds to display in the hangar and be a good representation of what the show is about. This year we selected 2 awesome aircooled VW’s, a current standards VW build, an Audi, and a performance themed Mini… a little bit of everything. We get excited when we see how happy this honor to park in the hangar makes the 5 lucky car owners. The show on Saturday always has a great vibe – and a great BBQ food vendor we might add! The Top 25 cars overall are selected, as well as a Best of Show car and a Best Corrado to represent the “Corrado Rush” display portion of the event. All of the award winners get to come and park up near the hangar and right by the main stage for the awards ceremony. It’s such a great idea, to let all of the spectators and competitors get up close and personal with the award winning cars. We can’t wait to hear what is in store for Euro Hangar 6!

2016-06-25 15.05.11-1

The JunkFood Meet

Harrisburg, PA – This past weekend we attended one of the most laid back, positive atmosphere shows that we’ve been to yet. Yeah, we’re in the business of helping events that do professional judging with serious competitions where accurate results are key. But even for us some of those stuffy elitist events get a bit boring. So were stoked to set up a booth on the Susquehanna River front right in our hometown at a show hosted by our close friends and occasional partners-in-crime, JunkStyles x Lowlifestyle. The event was called The JunkFood Meet and it was a car show + food truck festival. The vibes were good and the scenery was awesome, as they transformed our local Riverfront Park into a surprisingly perfect venue for cars. The event did feature Top 20 Awards as well as a handul of cool specialties – and of course Best of Show. And don’t be fooled by the relaxed atmosphere, this event featured quite a few heavy hitters from both the euro and tuning show scenes. Overall the show itself featured a great mix of all styles of builds, which is reflective of the JSxLLS brand’s influential reach in the car community. We were glad to enjoy a nice day on the river with a ton of our car friends… and we can’t wait to see what is in store for The JunkFood Meet 2.

2016-06-19 12.34.39

2016-06-18 11.09.15


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